Forgotten Tales

The Forgotten Tales is a collection of short stories that I occasionally write.


Concepts is just a list of story concepts. They can be used to help generate ideas, or as a writing challenge. Freely usable for fun or profit.

The purpose and goal of this list is to provide a jumping off point to get the creative juices flowing.

Archived and Backburner Projects

Game Designs

Over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of ideas, concepts, and general thoughts on video game design. I don’t really want to just forget about them, but I’m never going to get around to them. So I will be releasing them to the public as I get the time to compile, organize, and write them up.

I’m sharing them mostly in the hope of seeing at least some of them come to life.

Carnic Chronicles

A web comic that I did for about a month years ago. Maybe I will do something with this story someday, but for now you can go see it.