D&D, 3rd Edition

Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Edition was my mainstay of gaming. While I grew up and did a fair amount of gaming with 2nd edition, during that time, I also experimented with a lot of other systems as well such as TMNT and Other Strangeness, Robotech, Star Wars, and Beyond the Supernatural primarily.

When the 3rd edition came out was right at the peak of my gaming life. I mastered the d20 system and played the most with it. It’s the system that I default to and understand implicitly. Over the years, as things came and went, moves happened, and the like, I ended up losing or selling my 3rd edition material. Now I’ve finally received a new (to me, that is) set of the core 3rd edition books. It’s nice to have these back in my possession and seating among my other materials.