Concept: The Games

An alien species has arrived at earth. They demand earth’s finest specimens to compete in a series of games to determine the fate of humanity.

Members of Earth coordinate a series of Olympic trials to send the most gifted to face the aliens.

Unbeknownst to humanity, the games are real life creations of some of our movies and computer games performed in a virtual world similar to The Matrix.

The games are aired live to the entire world.

Humans find themselves completely outmatched and lose their first wave of contestants in a brutal defeat.

One human knows she can win, and sneaks aboard the transporter to the games.

Once inside she discovers that she can boost herself to perform more then she thought possible. She learns that some are able to alter or control part of the game world. This is why the aliens do so well.

Using her abilities she starts winning. The aliens have never lost before in the thousands of years and hundreds of worlds they have conquered. This makes them desperate and they start to cheat.