Concept: The 'Afterlife'

A teenage pizza delivery girl, fed up with her boss and his sexual advances, decides to quit by taking her deliveries one night and just eating them instead.

Unbeknownst to her, one of the pizzas was intended for a political rally and has been poisoned.

She is found later that night, dead in her car.

She wakes up to find herself in some sort of medical room. A strange voice calls out behind her. She turns to see a strange man sitting on the counter. He looks to be in some sort of goth inspired jester outfit.

After jumping down from the counter he bows to her, and on the way up puts a finger to his mouth to indicate silence.

The doors to the room open, and the girl turns to see an older man, apparently a doctor, step into the room. The city’s forensic pathologist is quite surprised to discover her sitting up on the table.

When the girl turns around, the strange man is gone.

As the weeks go by, life begins to return to normal. That’s when the strange things started to show up…