Concept: Fantasy Planet

A long time from now, humanity starts to colonize out into space. They load up large ships with everything a new colony would need specialized for the planet they are destined for. The colonists are all placed into status for the long journey via sub-light speed.

Our protagonist wakes up, and finds herself groggy from status. Even still, she notices that things are not right. The ship is quiet, in a state of decay, and she is all alone. The air is humid and… plants, are growing everywhere. After a little walking, she discovers a huge rip in the hull of the ship letting her glimpse the outside world.

As she exits the ship, below her lies what looks like a bustling medieval metropolis.

As she descends toward the city, a strange man approaches her and welcomes her to her new life. As it turns out, thousands of years have passed since the metal city (the ship) crashed here. Once in a while a great old one (you) will come stumbling out of the wreckage and join the new world bringing much knowledge and prosperity.

This new world is in fact the world that our protagonist was headed for. Something happened in orbit and the ship crashed killing most of the colonists. Some survived and created their new life, albeit without most of their gear or technology. Over time a status chamber would disengage from deep in the ship and a new colonist would come stumbling out. Usually every decade or two at first. Now the protagonist is the first colonist to emerge in over a thousand years.

The human city is mostly fantasy in style, mixed with the occasional technology that was provided by a prior colonist. The technology is mostly mechanical since electronics have difficulty working here (probably radiation or some form of electromagnetic interferance).

Turns out “magic” works here, and is primarily controlled by the other species of this planet. Two dominant races which were coined “elves” and “dwarves” after myths back on earth.

Elves are very tall, thin, and almost wooden creatures. They keep to the forests, but have formed a complex civilization at harmony with the lush surface of this planet. They tend to be very sophisticated, but can be quick to judge.

Dwarves are short, stocky, almost rock like creatures. They tunnel deep into the planet, establishing large, complex cave structures. Not as advanced or sophisticated as the elves, but methodical, practical, nearly indestructible, and slow.