Forgotten Concepts

After the change to Forgotten Tales I still had this idea of a writer’s “sketchbook” sitting around.

While nothing in writing can really equate to an artist’s sketchbook, something else did come to mind. Concepts.

Being just an abstract idea, a concept is short and to the point. Nothing substantial, but something easily gleaned. It can lead to a million different paths.

A concept by its own, or without a goal, is, well… useless. But what if I put a concept out there and challenged other writers to create something with it? Something they could use to practice their craft, unstick from writer’s block, or turn into their next great story?

Forgotten Concepts will be a weekly feature, released every Friday, that is just a concept and a challenge to you to come up with something based on it. It can be anything for fun or profit.

The concept will generally only be a few paragraphs in length, and I may include flash fiction, or a sketch, to illustrate a possibility.

The purpose and goal of this is to provide you with a jumping off point for your own works.

If you do something with the concept, either for fun or profit, let me know and send me a link to where it can be found or bought. I will gladly place your link at the end of that concept.

An idea can not be copyrighted. You are free to apply or use these concepts, in part or in whole, as you wish for fun or profit.

What you are not allowed to do is copy my writing and publish it elsewhere without my prior written consent.

While the concept itself is free for your use, and by all means have at it, the posts themselves are not. If you wish to share these posts please link back to the specific entry.

I retain all copyrights on any fiction or images that are included.