Concept: Scientific Politicians

This week an idea came to mind while watching the twisted form that is this political campaign season. This had not been my original idea for the concept this week, but I felt it timely.

Instead of electing politicians, what if we elected scientists instead? People with the best logical arguments, a history of proven scientific research, the greatest papers, and the best contributions to humanity.

A culture that respected truth over wealth. The most innovative minds lead to success instead of the most crafty or manipulative.

Public policy would be not only be debated with theory, but applied via scientific principle. Research would need to be done, tests and trials would need to be conducted.

Campaigns for election would be proving your points to the people with data and research that you have conducted or are conducting. The candidates, instead of attacking each other, would show how they would innovate and improve humanity.

Congress would be filled with scientific minds trying to solve the problems or or answer the questions.

If you are a scientist, going after or obtaining a public office would be the height of your career. Proof of your scientific credentials.

“In what has become the fiercest debate this election cycle, Dr. Ibez and Dr. Mitchell are once again gripped in the debate of how to expand. Let’s tune in and listen.”

Visibly flustered, Dr. Ibez rises his arm up and nearly shouts ”I would move humanity forward by focusing our efforts on a large scale colony mission to the moon. As you can see, I have devised vessels and habitats that would make this possible. This would further our knowledge and start us on the path of spreading ourselves amongst the stars.”

“We have only tapped and used a small portion of this planet. Instead of flying to another place, why not dig into the earth and expand that way. My intra-earth trial colony is flourishing and with less resources used. ” responded Dr. Mitchell.