New Forgotten Tale = epic fail

So yeah, that Forgotten Tale I was supposed to get out this last weekend. Epic Fail.

It took me all weekend to start generating ideas and then it blew up in my face. This thing just took off like a rocket and now I find myself in a particular predicament.

What surprised me was just how out of creative writing I have gotten. The fact that it took me all weekend to really get into the swing of things and generate ideas for what was supposed to be a write-off short story.

I finally got around to typing on Monday thinking I would be able to get it done that day. Took an hour to get into the groove, and then spent 40 minutes actually writing. Got only 400 words in when I realized that this was going to take a long time to write.

I have a really cool concept on my hands and enough material to last for quite a bit, and I’m only starting. This has become something that I don’t want to just write up and push out maybe to never think of again. I actually want to flesh this out and write it up properly.

This also brings up questions about the Forgotten Tales.

Do I keep doing what I’m doing with them? They were originally intended to be quick ideas written up and shared. Much like a sketchbook for artists. Do I continue to do that even though I’m working on bigger projects?

Do I instead whip them into shape and make them a more formal collection of short stories? This would be more in-depth, with time taken to develop each story, extensive editing and proofreading, and would mean that you would probably only see a couple a year.

Do I in addition to either option mentioned, expand on some of them and turn some of them into short series?

I really love the idea of the weekly short stories that are raw and unedited. The question is am I just in love with the idea and nobody else really cares? Unlike a sketchbook which you can just glance at, short stories do take time to read and require more mental processing.

So many ideas, questions, and thoughts…