I miss my drawing table

Now is one of those times when I reflect on being an idiot for getting rid of my drawing table a few years back.

In high school (20+ years ago mind you) my parents bought me this drawing table. Nothing fancy, just a white particle board table with adjustable legs that allowed the back to be angled how you wanted. The legs were these four metal “u” shaped pipe pieces that slid into each other in a perpendicular manner to make one large “base”. The cool thing was the legs were only attached by brackets, which were mostly designed to allow the table to pivot, but also allowed me to break it down into a small space and transport it.

I was into drawing back then and I loved that table. I moved a lot after high school and the table moved with me. Every few months or years I would whip out some paper and sketch. It was always funny because a friend of mine (who is far superior at drawing), always scowled at me when I showed him what I had drawn. He would exasperate and exclaim unfairness as to why it was that he would spend years practicing and not improve as much as I would when I hadn’t touched pencil to paper for years.

The table had gotten beaten up and scratched a bit over the years, and after a while a couple of the screws that held in the brackets stripped (a problem I’ve noticed with particle wood furniture).

About 5 years ago, after not really having used the table (other then as a standard flat table) for awhile I decided to just free up space and disposed of it.

I had good reasons at the time, but yeah… that was a bad choice in retrospect.

Oh well, I guess that means I just get to buy a new one sometime! Maybe pick up one of those extra large animator desks like the ones Disney had years ago…