Transitions, Bootcamp, and audio, Oh my!

I’ve now fully started my HRT. Last Monday my hormone prescription came in! I’m so excited to be onto my next phase.

So far this week not a lot of changes (which is to be expected), but I have noticed that things are starting to change and develop. Can’t wait for the day I can finally stop stuffing my bra!

I’m refreshing myself on C (with a dash of C++) programming. I really just like the language. It’s simple, elegant, powerful, and fast. I’m not a fan of OOP and some of the “newer” conventions. This currently leaves me out in the cold for Mac / iOS development, but I can live with that. Once I start getting things sorted out and built, I can really streamline my development to be more cross-platform. I’ll be looking at building a scripting language or just building a “shim” over my own code to separate platform code and game code. Pretty much like Ron Gilbert with Thimbleweed Park or Casey Muratori on Handmade Hero.

Since it’s a bit easier to setup and code C on Windows, I’ve decided to install Bootcamp. Spent a bit of the weekend doing that on my fabulous dev box, a “decked” out 2012 Mac Mini (i7, 16GB RAM, SSD). As usual, it takes forever since I’m starting from an original Windows 7 Upgrade DVD (install twice, update, update, update, update…).

I was hemming and hawing about upgrading to Windows 10. It’s free (for now), but it’s not as nice for older style programming. Today I decided to go ahead with it. Windows 7 is very long in the tooth and it’s only a matter of time before it gets completely outdated. Plus, I generally like new and shiny.


Ah, anyway…

When I sat down over the weekend to get my recordings for the Forgotten Tales finished up I discovered something that I forgot. I have a lot of meta data in those files that needed to be updated. I don’t want to be deadnaming myself now.

Had to figure out how to fix that (it’s been a while since I originally started setting up these files), fix it, and then post all of the original recordings up on the site. I have a few old recordings that I need to edit. I expect each one to take me at least an hour, but probably more like two.

You can now listen to the first five Forgotten Tales. The fifth tale, Flute, currently only has part A. The remaining two parts of that tale is the recordings I have left to edit.

I ended up purchasing Fission and Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba to help with future recordings. I was using Adobe Audition for the originals and it is very nice. I just don’t want to pay $20 / month for something that I will only use once a month.