Weekly Short Stories are Now Forgotten Tales

Since I started creating them two months ago I’ve been thinking a lot about and experimenting with my weekly short stories. After 5 tales (8 parts in total) I’ve solidified on what works for me and how I want to proceed.

I’m naming the collection of my weekly short stories “Forgotten Tales.” I’ve dabbled with other names but in the end I find this one the most fitting.

I was writing and releasing the tale the same day. This lead to complications and unpredictability in the schedule that I want to avoid. So now I will be creating the tale at some point during the week but will be releasing it every Friday morning (Pacific).

The goal of these tales is to spend a little time every week away from my current project and do something fresh, to “stretch my legs.” I want these to be raw short snippets that I can toss or dig up later. Something akin to a quick doodle or sketch from an artist.

Normally these types of creative exercises are not publicly shared, but I don’t see the point of that. I want people to be able to experience my work.

During this time I’ve discovered that I generally only spend a few hours creating these. For me this is the tipping point. If I work on them any longer I will end up spending a lot more time on them and building them up into something more. This tends to end up competing with my current major project which I don’t want. In essence devoting more time only distracts me instead of helping me.

While I don’t spend a lot of time proofing these, I do generally read through them a few times to try and catch any obvious mistakes. Since reading out loud is a good way to proof something I’ve decided that I will do a “reading” of the tale and publish it with the written version as a podcast.

The podcast and the current blog format will be one and the same. Both the text and the audio file can be found on the site or your RSS reader as it is now, but also in your favorite podcast app.

Over the next week or two I will be doing a reading of my past short stories and updating the respective post to include the audio file. I will announce when it’s available to grab from places like iTunes.

I hope you enjoy these tales as much as I do creating them.