Weekly Short Stories

I’ve always been a very creative type of person. Always dreaming up stories.

In all of my endevors over the years, I stopped expressing and writing these stories. They mostly starting taking on the form of notes, if even that.

I got so wrapped up in trying to do everything else I simply lost sight of being creative for the sake of creativity. Of building and expressing these stories. Of actually gaining experience writing my stories instead of well… thinking about them.

So last week I decided to start writing again.

To do this I came up with an interesting challenge. In one day, every week, I will write a short story of 1000 to 2000 words.

While I’m working on my larger projects, or doing a day job during the rest of the week, I pick one day (currently Fridays) and devote that day to coming up with and writing a short story.

Generally every story will be something new. Most of these them will be raw, and may end up in a completely different place from when I started.

The goal is to let loose. To explore both ideas and writing.